Elixir for Beginners

An online course for learning Elixir programming

About Elixir for Beginners

"Elixir for Beginners" is an online course for learning Elixir programming. It is aimed at anyone who has programming experience, even if it is just a little.

Confidence in a language is built from understanding the core concepts, in this course you will learn those core concepts.

Why Learn Elixir?

Our future will be networked, everything will be connected. This means that developers will need to undestand how to build scalable, fault-tolerant and concurrent systems.
Elixir helps you do this.

The Joy of Elixir

Elixir is a new language built on the Erlang Beam, similar to how Clojure is built on the Java Virtual Machine.

It has a modern syntax, with programming concepts, and tools, cherry-picked from other languages, such as Ruby, Clojure, and Python, to name a few.

There is a strong focus on developer satisfaction, a friendly and vibrant community, which makes Elixir a joy to work with, and yet it still achieves 9 nines of availability.

What is Elixir Good For?

Elixir opens up functional programming, concurrency and fault-tolerance, this makes it ideally suited to building:

  • Web sites that scale, using the Phoenix framework
  • Micro services and APIs
  • Backend servers
  • IoT embedded devices, using the Nerves-Project
  • Event driven & concurrent systems, e.g. Robotics
  • Any system where you want to make use of ALL the cores of your CPU